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De La Production & animation from Paris


Dlp paris is a director-driven full feature design, animation and VFX studio based in the middle of Paris. Natural team players, as a collective of directors we relish working with other directors, creative agencies and production companies, cultivating an intimate creative experience, converting their concept into moving images. These are made with extreme attention to detail and finish by the expert digital craftsmen in our atelier.Our experience has led us to love being a midsized studio. Being small is a strength that keeps us more human and sensitive to our customers needs, providing a better, more personalized service. We believe that a balance between innovative creation, a proven technical pipeline and good client communication is the key to film-production excellence. It’s with that philosophy in mind that we have structured our company, giving special attention to each department.Over time we have gathered, trained and grown our talented creative, technical and production team, which is our pride and our future.